Claire Foss

Past President of  CAP

Former Leader of the Canada Party

A social justice activist, writer and political researcher.

Claire first became actively involved in politics in the 1993 federal election when he ran as a candidate for the Canada Party, although he was unsuccessful at the polls the party's main policies, citizens democracy and banking reform received a great deal of publicity.

In Regina in 1994, Claire was voted Leader of the Canada Party, and began the massive undertaking of attempting to build a totally different concept in Canadian politics. A true citizens democracy. The Party had members in eight of the ten provinces and was in the throes of organising a Canada wide membership drive when the coalition with the Canadian Action Party was decided on.

The majority of the Canada Party board just prior to the 1997 election, felt that the main political concepts ( Government accountability and Banking reform ) that was so near and dear to the hearts of all Canada Party members, could be most successfully advanced by the party throwing it's support behind Paul Hellyer and the Canadian Action Party. This strategy paid off, as CAP was able to field 56 candidates and became a fully registered Party in the process.

Claire is also one of the founding members of the Canadian Action Party and a staunch supporter of Paul Hellyer the ex Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. He also ran as a CAP candidate in the riding of Okanagan-Shuswap in the 1997 federal election, receiving the most votes of any of CAP's candidates. 

Born in Tofield, Alberta on April 22, 1937, he is now happily married to his partner and wife Anne (nee: Harrison) Foss, whom he met while touring Europe. Together they have raised 5 children, and they presently reside on a 40 acre farm in Creighton valley, near Vernon, BC.

Claire has been successful in varied fields of endeavour, and has held such diverse jobs as working for Union Steamships, a company whose vessels once plied the waters off the B.C coast, to working on huge mega projects like the two oil refineries near Fort McMurray in northern Alberta. He is respected in the construction industry as a supervisor of tradesman, and has worked on a variety of construction projects in western Canada, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Iowa and Washington State.

Building on experience gained in the construction industry, and with the help of family, a real estate and development company was formed in the 70's, and these Alberta companies' would be his major focus for several years. For a time both these businesses flourished, but the high interest rates that were inflicted on the industry by the Bank of Canada in the early 80's ravished the housing market.

Foreseeing the impending interest rate crisis he prudently sold the real estate company. It became blatantly obvious that it was the devastating sky-high interest rates that stalled the entire economy and were almost totally to blame for Canada's huge debt, and consequently just the excuse needed by right wing fanatics to demand destruction of much of the nations social safety net.

Quoting Paul Hellyer, from his book, THE EVIL EMPIRE, GLOBALIZATION'S DARKER SIDE.

"Canada's public debt is, for the most part, a direct result of the 1981-82 and 1990-91 recessions. The deficits were rolled over into debt and then compounded with extraordinarily and unnecessarily high interest rates." Of course it is worth repeating, that it was criminal style high interest rates that were most instrumental in bringing on those same recessions in the first place.

This ridiculous and unjust interest rate policy was precisely the motivation needed, provoking Claire to spend most of his spare time diligently researching the entire flawed and faulty Canadian banking system, and eventually to make a most thorough study of economics under the wise tutelage of Professor Emeritus Dr. John Hotson.

The late Dr. Hotson who taught economics at Waterloo University for many years prior to becoming Chief Editor for COMER (Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform), a journal dedicated to the economic enlightenment of Canadians and to alert them to the banking and economic mischief going on behind the public's back. The world owes the late Dr. John Hotson along with COMER publisher William Krehm a huge vote of thanks.